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Stay Warm in Autumn: Roasted Pumpkin Soup

3 Disc 21

The goal is to get 21 points. RulesEveryone shoots in the same order, to determine order create a half circle and everyone toss one disc at the same time. The closest disc goes first and is the button holder the furthest goes last. Who ever is the button holder picks the shot position and throws first. Each person makes their three throws and adds the total points scored to their total. If the group thinksContinue reading “3 Disc 21”

Disc Golf Basket with Discs in Nichols Park

1 Vs 1

The 1v1 game is one of my favorite games/drills within disc golf to improve your putting. It was shown to me by a couple of very good disc golfers as a way to get better at putting and enjoy a cool little game while you’re hanging out with other people. It can be highly competitive, which can be a great thing for you as you develop and improve the specifics of your disc golf mechanics.Continue reading “1 Vs 1”

Horse Catching Frisbee with Mouth


This one needs little explanation, but in case you’re not familiar with it here it is.  The competitive aspect gives you some real experience putting under pressure. Take turns calling your putt and attempting to make the putt. After a player makes a putt, all subsequent players must make the same putt and if they miss they receive a letter.  When you acquire all letters of “horse” you’re out. Additional challenge 1: If all opponents makeContinue reading “HORSE”

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