Your support allows us to bring youth events, new facilities, and promote the sport of disc golf on the South Side of Chicago.

How we use donations

Building Youth Programs

We work with youth programs to add disc golf to their curriculum. By providing a baskets, discs, educational materials, in person training, and HPDG lead activities these youth programs are able to add a new sport to their recreational offerings. We work with various Chicago Park District field house programs and other youth organizations.

Permanent Installation and Maintenance

On average, the installation costs of a single basket is $800. Half the cost is purchasing the basket itself and the other half pays for installation. Additionally, informational signs, tee pads, and other facility costs are common additions, at additional cost. Once installed a disc golf basket needs minimal maintenance, though it should be repainted at least every 5 years.

Park Putting Baskets Steward Program

Our first step to introducing disc golf to a park is with the placement of a temporary basket. Whenever possible we work with the park advisory council to identify an optimal location and, if approved, place and maintain the basket through our Basket Steward Program. Each basket has community discs and signage with information on getting started, our contact information, and disc golf games.

Community and Club Outreach

We have operational costs as an organization, including purchase and maintenance of temporary baskets, providing our volunteers with shirts, to make them easily identifiable at our youth events and providing community discs for the baskets. We also want to get a watering station setup and additional marketing materials in order to continue to grow the club and its youth/community outreach programs.

Us In Action

Children’s Day Celebration at the Osaka Garden

Children’s Day is a national holiday in Japan on May 5th celebrating the uniqueness and joy of children. We partnered with the Jackson Park Advisory Council and the Chicago Park District during their Children’s Day celebration, in conjunction with the Consul General of Japan’s office, to bring children joy through disc golf. Forty-two children left with their first putter and plenty of smiles at the Children’s Day event. We intend to make this an annual event for Hyde Park Disc Golf.

Disc Golf at the 4th of July

Disc Golf at the 4th on 53rd in Nichols Park

We setup a 3 hole introductory course and handed out over 200 Sensei and Maestro Discs from DiscMania with bottles of water from Hyde Park Bank. PDGA hall of famer Brian Cummings and HPDG cofounder Chad Guyton provide tips and personalized instruction to families as they played. This was the first year disc golf has been part of the 4th on 53rd Parade celebrations in Nichols Park and we are excited about next year. Check out the write up the Chicago Tribune did about the event!


Hyde Park Disc Golf has answered the important questions : What is it and How do you Play Disc Golf? Hyde Park Disc Golf has conducted free safe socially distanced and masked clinics for community members, seniors, children, women and families, teaching basic Disc Golf knowledge and skills . Placing free temporary baskets and free discs in Jackson, Nichols, and Kenwood Parks have enabled hundreds of community members in this time of financial insecurity to play Disc Golf for free. Hyde Park Disc Golf has created a community network where players can safely play together for skills development and socialization. These Disc Golf clinics and games have markedly decreased the social isolation for diverse community players during this year of Covid Isolation and have created a demand for this new nationwide sport that Everyone Can Play!

Louise McCurry – President – Jackson Park Advisory Council

Hyde Park Disc Golf is the hero we need to bring disc golf to Chicago. Their effort to directly engage community members has been tireless. Their expertise in navigating the waters of the Chicago Park District is invaluable.

Disc Golf Chicago

I’m thrilled to be working closely with HPDG to grow the sport of disc golf in Chicago. From teaching and introducing disc golf to planting baskets in city limits, HPDG is doing big things.

Dana Vicich – DiscGolfParkDiscMania

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